Year 4

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Monday, 24 October 2016

Week 3

Hi families,

We are already in week 3 and the term is flying by!

This term in ICT the year 4's are working on improving their internet research skills. They are learning about finding information online that is valid, reliable and current and using tools such as mind mapping to organise their research topic.

Don't forget that Thusday is sock it to poverty day. Wear your crazy socks for a gold coin donation.

Finally, best of luck to all our students attending the inter school sports carnival this week!

Year 4 teachers

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Term 4

Hi Families,

Welcome back, we hope you all had happy and safe holidays. This term is very busy as teachers are busy with assessments and report writing.

In T&E this term we will be creating a quiz board (circuit) and learning about early Australian explorers in History.

In Art the year 4's  will be printmaking on foam. They will design a picture and indent the foam so that it can be used as a basic block. Then they will blend two primary paint colours to make a secondary colour for each print that they create on paper.

In Science In Term 4, all year levels are studying Physical Sciences. The lower levels start with our immediate environment interacting with materials and objects in our everyday lives. They identify that certain materials and resources have different uses. The upper grades study topics including heat production, forces that can be exerted by one object on another, light and shadows as well as electrical circuits which provide a means of transferring and transforming electricity.

Finally, in week 8 we will be enjoying an excursion to Mills park to celebrate our fantastic efforts in year 4.

Year 4 teachers

Monday, 19 September 2016

Term 3 Ends

Here we are at the end of term 3! It's been a fantastic and busy term and the highlights would have to be 1st Holy Communion, LEG week and the sports carnival (go Wright).

On Friday we said a sad farewell to Miss Livinia who has been with us since the beginning of term 2. We will miss her and wish her all the best in year 12!

We hope everyone has a happy and safe holidays, see you in term 4.

Ms Matheson & Mr Milne

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

L.E.G. Week next week

Hi all,

We have a fantastic week planned for all the students at our school next week. Children will be immersed in daily activities designed to Learn, Experience and Grow.

Each day students will get to experience something new with students from all year levels in each group including up cycling, special ceremonies, mass, sports tabloids and completing the week with a cultural dress day.

Uniform for the week is as follows:
M - sports uniform
T - sports uniform
W - winter uniform
T - faction sports uniform
F - cultural dress or sports uniform (please note that students have sport, so please pack sports clothes if the cultural dress is not appropriate).

Also, year 4's have a super busy week as we prepare for Holy Communion.

Year 4 teachers

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Week 5

Hello to all,

Half way through the term already!

We've started construction of our work buildings and are having a lot of fun in the process. This week we sent home the council guidelines for the residential properties of Unity Community and Belongville. Families please feel free to help the students build their houses at home. 
Next week is our wheel chair sports incursion, notes will come home with information on Monday.

Have a great weekend!
Year 4 Teachers

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Week 4

Hi Families

Already nearly half way through the term!!

This week in year 4 we have been learning about the fascinating way in which the systems in our body works. We have been exploring our respiratory system, digestive system and the amazing work that our blood does to keep us alive and healthy.

We also have been preparing the roads and emphasizing the grid co-ordinates ready to place our houses and place of business onto. Soon, the students will receive the council guidelines for the building regulations in which the houses and businesses need need to adhere to in construction.

Don't forget Maguire House Mass on Monday - Students are to wear house colours.

Year 4 Teachers

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Week 3

Hi All,

Wow, can't believe we are nearly at week 4 already! The time has flown by.

This week in year 4 we have been busy learning all about fractions, preparing for our 1st Holy Communion and we are also creating a flyer to advertise our businesses in Belongville Community (4W) and Unity Community (4B). Some of the business names and slogans are very creative.

Don't forget Communion family day this Saturday 4:30pm in the church. Please wear casual but respectable clothing. See you there!

Year 4 Teachers