Year 4

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Monday, 15 February 2016

A quick note from Year 4

Just a quick 'thank you' to our 3 parents who bravely entered the Year 4 classrooms last Tuesday. They volunteered to cook pancakes for all our students to commemorate the medieval ritual of Shrove Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten season . It was very much appreciated by both our students and staff. These parents were Nicola Wladyka, Joe Balducci and Julie Madaffari.

We are hoping all our Year 4s will be at school to attend the trials on Thursday. Year 4 is the year house swimming and interschool swimming begins. The whole year group will be travelling to Riverton for this session. Those nominating for NOVELTY EVENTS will also get a chance to have a go in the shallow section.
As mentioned in permission notes ... The students are required to come to school in their House Sports uniform. Bathers, towel and goggles should be in a plastic bag with the student's name on. The students will get changed just prior to recess. The students will return around lunchtime.
We are hoping our Year 4 students make a statement by all being present. It would be disappointing if we had a sudden rise in absentees on this day. Being a reliable year group will really assist Miss Shaw in planning for the House Swimming Carnival on 2 March.    
Thank you for your anticipated cooperation to make this possible.
Ms Wiryadinata and Mr Milne