Year 4

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Friday, 27 May 2016

Dear Families and Students,

Thank you very much for our donations of bottles and lollies thus far for our stalls next Friday. In the words of Oliver Twist "Could I (we) have more?"We still need more resources for the stalls, please.

Yes ... We all travelled to Ursula Frayne College last Tuesday to see the musical 'Oliver'. Miss Matheson, Ms Wiryadinata and I were most impressed by how well-behaved our students were, considering how long the show was. Well done kids! We have been watching an 'ancient' version of the novel during History so the students were aware of the sequence of events and the main characters. We have been studying events which led up to convicts being transported from England. The economic climate of the time and the emergence of the Industrial Revolution meant catastrophic unemployment and, consequently, a very high crime rate which led to overcrowded gaols. Charles Dickens' famous story gave our students a sneak peak of England at this time!

We appreciate all the parents who were able to attend our assembly this morning. The kids were certainly happy to have you all there. We worked hard to put together our item, having many practices over the last two weeks. Our Year Group has a rich cultural heritage and this was reflected in our assembly's historical timeline of Australia 80 000 years ago to the present.

Kind regards
Year 4 Teachers