Year 4

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Term 4

Hi Families,

Welcome back, we hope you all had happy and safe holidays. This term is very busy as teachers are busy with assessments and report writing.

In T&E this term we will be creating a quiz board (circuit) and learning about early Australian explorers in History.

In Art the year 4's  will be printmaking on foam. They will design a picture and indent the foam so that it can be used as a basic block. Then they will blend two primary paint colours to make a secondary colour for each print that they create on paper.

In Science In Term 4, all year levels are studying Physical Sciences. The lower levels start with our immediate environment interacting with materials and objects in our everyday lives. They identify that certain materials and resources have different uses. The upper grades study topics including heat production, forces that can be exerted by one object on another, light and shadows as well as electrical circuits which provide a means of transferring and transforming electricity.

Finally, in week 8 we will be enjoying an excursion to Mills park to celebrate our fantastic efforts in year 4.

Year 4 teachers